SWIMBY Songbook – material for singers to explore community energy

Do you fancy making a song and dance about our transition to a low carbon economy? Well, now you can!


The Something Wonderful in My Back Yard (SWIMBY) songbook written by the fabulous Matt Harvey and award winning composer Thomas Hewitt Jones is now available for you to download free of charge

In it, you will find 12 songs with piano and guitar accompaniment, a knitting pattern for carbon dioxide particles and a recipe for Gullible Stew….yes, I’m serious! Each of the songs, is about one of the multitude of social challenges we face in our struggles to create a better world for future generations. (If you can’t read music, you can hear a demo of all the songs on youtube or soundcloud too!)

In our back Yard’ might be the most beautiful song about Transition yet created” Rob Hopkins, co-founder of The Transition Movement

SWIMBY was crowd-funded with help from 135 people and also had funds from The Arts Council and Big Lottery. The early material show was performed in The Ariel Centre in Totnes as we saw performances from the talented KEVICC Performing Arts Company and Year 9 students, As well as Hannah Waterfield from Exeter, Kate Van Dyke from Newton Abbot, Billy Bottle and Martine from Ipplepen and Sue from Totnes and the Heavenly Voices choir.


“We’ve done a lot of work over the past year, and there’s lots more to do before we’ve finished! There are one or two more songs, Matt is scribbling away to write all the interlinking scenes and Thomas will have a whole lot of orchestrating to do!

“Over the past 10 years of working in the sustainable energy sector and thinking about how we engage people in questions around energy and climate change, I’ve become increasingly aware of the limits of the usual methods of sharing facts and figures and arguing over which technological solutions are best. I think that the arts provide one of the few avenues for exploring these issues, creating a sense of shared or personal meaning and active collaboration and a space to deal with the inevitable emotional and human side of the story.” Chloe Uden, SWIMBY Musical Producer